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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Open Source Dating

What is open source dating? ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software is open source, which means that 99% of the PHP dating script code can be modified by anyone who has access to the ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software PHP script files and folders.

What can be changed in the ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software code? Everything! The text, the graphics, the colors, the settings, the features, the functionality, etc.! ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software give you complete control of the script enabling you to change and create feature modules in no time! (Note: ABK-Soft is not responsible for any damages that are caused by user-modified code).

ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software does offer individually developed features and templates which will make your dating website or social network site original and stand out from the rest. ABK-Soft's development teams are ready to work with you to develop new features and to give a new look to your ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software powered website.

And there is absolutely no need to be an expert in PHP dating script code. You will only need to know some basics of Search and Find, for example, or just edit everything from the powerful Administration Control Panel, otherwise called Admin CP, inside the ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software solution. Languages, front page pictures, labels and texts, almost everything can be changed.

Being a PHP programmer your power will be unlimited with ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software as you will be able to edit 99% of the PHP dating software code! Have you seen any other open source dating solutions around at such a cheap price? Even the most expensive dating software does not offer full open source code to say nothing of the cheap dating software solutions and cheap dating scripts.

Order ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software today and start developing your own dating script powered websites, PHP dating communities, matchmaking sites and great social networks!
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