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Free Dating Software

The Internet is raging with free dating software solutions, community scripts, dating scripts, social network engines. But why don't free dating software solutions stand against dating software that is for sale.

Free dating software is not good at all. Firstly, free dating software is not powerful. Dating scripts must have unique and original designs. Free dating software solutions are so available that running and original dating site is impossible. Free dating software does not have online games, free dating software is not Flash technology compatible, does not have online and real-time chat systems! What will members do on dating sites that are run on free dating software? To say nothing of paying for a Gold Membership Account!

Free dating software has no technical support teams, custom developers and updates. How can you run a dating website or a social network that has no available technical support? Who other than dating script development teams will correct mistakes in their program codes and update their scripts?

Free dating software solutions are so unstable, that they are not worth using to lose hundreds of customers and members due to some silly code errors and server instability. Are free dating software solutions and scripts worth using to trust credit card transactions and Gold Membership payment? Who will guarantee the security?

Customization of free dating software is so expensive that it is cheaper to buy an expensive boxed dating script. Programmers are expensive to hire and free dating software may be really hard to decrypt and edit because of freeware license limitations.

It is surely much better to use cheap dating script solutions and community software rather than use free dating software solutions that will bring you no money and no profit.
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