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Plantern: Corporate Social Network and Collaboration Software

"We needed some good solution for ourselves. We searched everywhere on the web but each of the solutions is FAR too complicated. And we just needed something easy, to be able to open it in the browser and start working at once. So we invented Plantern. We have been doing it for ourselves. And now it helps us with a lot of projects."
S.Wells, ABK

Plantern is a new project management collaboration software. If you want to start a site that will help you and your company manage your projects online, Plantern is for you. If you want to start a site to provide this kind of services for clients, Plantern team collaboration software is for you.

Have questions? Read Plantern Manual

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Plantern is a team online project management and collaboration software. What does it mean? Let us imagine you have a project. Well, a website development project for example. You have 20 people working with you: designers, HTML coders, PHP coders, testers. You have a 1 month time frame. Some of your people work in the office and some work from home. So how do you organize this? That is when you need Plantern.

Creating projects.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

You create a project to start working on it. A project consists of activities which are like folders for tasks alike, for example you can have activities like Design, HTML, Coding, Illustration, etc. The project has a deadline, that is, should be finished within 2 months, for example. After creating a project and adding one or more activities within the project you can start giving tasks and establishing milestones.

Managing tasks within projects.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Managing tasks of other people.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Seeing the project graphically.

Project Management and Planning Software

Planning the daily activity.

Project Management and Planning Software

Receiving online payments.

Project Management and Planning Software

Working with emails.

Working with the dashboard.

Project Management and Planning Software

Working with files.

Enterprise Social Networking Software

Working with... Well, just working!

You will see at once that your time management is the simplest thing in the world, and that the project you thought would take 2 months to finish takes only 1 if planned carefully using the business collaboration software called Plantern.

And one last thing. Why are we sure that Plantern is the best? Well, we have developed it for ourselves. Just look at the number of different projects we have at the same time. And we are 40 persons, with very different talents and habits! Something should have been done about it. We looked and looked for a good project management collaboration software and everything seemed just bad. So we had nothing to do but develop our own enterprise collaboration software! And it works in our company now. You can enjoy it too.

Start planning! Start Plantern!

All About Web Collaboration Software

The way people interact nowadays has evolved in leaps and bounds. Like a scene from a science fiction movie, many can see people exchange letters or documents in an instant despite the great distance between them. Ever since the internet became an everyday tool for the modern man networking has become the way our daily lives work. When people are working for a company it doesn't necessarily mean that they are all situated in one place. Because of the internet people can now work from different locations and yet be able to manage a sound and efficient working environment. Because of web collaboration software people can work together from the comfort of their homes.

Web collaboration software started due to people playing videogames. In 1975, computer programmer Will Crowther came up with the videogame Colossal Cave Adventure which he played on a DEC PDP-10 model. Due to the improvement of internet connections more and more users began utilizing this technology for playing videogames and other things. Roy Trubshaw, an Essex University student, invented the MUD or Multi-User Dungeon, which is a revolutionary game because of the features that comes with it. It's a game that would set the standard for online gaming because with the MUD players can send messages to each other or even chat with each other which became standard attractions for online gaming in the years to come.

With the development of MUDs people started taking notice of online chatting, video sharing and also voice over IP. Eventually, software programs were invented to handle tasks relevant to collaborative work. Web collaboration software became a necessity for people who require large network connections for their jobs, games and social networking.

Enterprise Social Networking Software

Back then the term used to describe collaboration software was groupware and computer engineers Slovak and Richman commented on the advent of this program as a revolutionary tool which will bring forth a new way for managers, employees, technicians and others to communicate and work together.

In the early 1990s, people were starting to realize the importance of web collaboration software programs and several computer companies were beginning to introduce this kind of technology to the masses. IBM and Boeing were one of the first that started this trend. They used this technology in order to inform other people within their company about important internal projects. A software program called Lotus Notes was one of the first programs to incorporate the essential features of collaborative software. Kirkpatrick and Losee, computer experts, said that groupware will revolutionize how people work and the idea of an office will soon change. As long as people have a computer of their own then anyone can work together regardless of their location or distance from each other.

When collaborative software improved and became more of a necessity to companies and people the whole idea evolved to what is now known as the Internet. Along with the development of the Internet came Web 2.0 which gave collaborative software a much larger arena. Web collaboration software is pretty much a necessity nowadays due to the way people interact with each other nowadays. The concept of an office has now evolved from a fixed workplace to any environment capable of connecting a computer with other networks. People today engage in business negotiations with their clients halfway around the world in an instant and it's all because of collaborative software.

Understanding the Basic Features of Collaborative Software

Collaborations among groups of people who are geographically separated used to be a huge challenge for many companies, especially big and multinational companies as well as those with branches and offices across the nation or the world. People need to collaborate and work with each other to achieve a certain goal and such is hard to achieve if those involved work in separate locations. But thanks to collaborative software, this huge concern has already been solved.

Enterprise Social Networking Software

Also called groupware or group support systems, collaborative software is software that has been designed to help people involved in a certain task better collaborate and work with each other to achieve a common goal regardless of their geographical locations. Advancements in internet technology have led to such technology, making companies more efficient and productive than ever.

Today, there are many different group support systems that businesses can choose from. While each may claim to have unique features, what's really important is that the groupware has features like centralized data storage as well as communication and problem-solving tools, which are all extremely beneficial to businesses.

A centralized data storage facility is a very important tool today. With such facility, people involved in a certain task, as well as the management, have access to a system where they can log on and get information to accomplish a task, modify the system, save the changes they've made, and all other things. What's really great about having a common data storage facility is that it minimizes errors and duplicates and it makes the business more efficient.

A communication tool is another great feature of group support systems. Communication tools can either be a common message board, company-exclusive instant messaging software, a web conferencing tool, or any other tool that facilitates sharing of information within the company. Using these tools, employees, no matter where they are, can easily and efficiently communicate with each other. It also saves the company some money as they no longer have to spend on transportation costs just so their employees can meet up and talk about various company issues.

Collaborative software should also have problem-solving tools. Because employees are given access to the recent modifications that have been made to the centralized data storage system, they can make quick and better decisions and move forward towards achieving their goals.

While group support systems are considered important tools that make businesses more efficient and productive, the truth is that using the system can be a lot more challenging than meeting and collaborating face-to-face. Things can get really complicated especially during the first few days or months of use.

Open Source Social Networking Software

Businesses are also faced with the challenge of installing and implementing the system. Creation and installation should be done by a team of highly-knowledgeable and skillful individuals. Meanwhile, it may take some time before the rest of the employees can get used to the system. In some instances, training the employees on how to efficiently and effectively use the system may be required.

But while there are some downsides to using collaborative software, it can still prove to be extremely beneficial to a business. Employees just need to take some time studying and getting themselves familiarized with the system.

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