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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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ABK-Soft Dating Software

There are many dating software solutions - ASP written and PHP written. The choice in code makes a big difference when it comes to reliability and future development and advanced dating software integration.

The reason for ABK-Soft developers' choice of PHP based dating software system is that PHP dating software code is more stable than ASP dating software code. PHP has long been used in serious script projects and ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Software was developed using PHP technology.

Most ASP dating software is very basic and has no advanced features. It is also harder and more expensive to hire an ASP dating software programmer to edit and personalize the code,

PHP dating software technologies make it much easier to control social networks, communities and other dating software powered websites. The flexibility offered by PHP makes it easier to integrate new features and combine many capabilities of other programming languages, like Flash, AJAX, etc.

PHP is stable, handling over 10,000 database queries at one time without any errors, warnings and handling exceptions. This makes PHP dating software work exceptionally flawless.

The advanced features of ABK-Soft's dating software solution written in PHP code are, for example, Audio and Video Messaging, Powerful Search based on any Profile Criteria, Flash Chat, 3D chat, Online Games, VoIP technology "Phone" (Live Voice Chat) and other features.

ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Software updated regularly, new patches and features are made available almost every two weeks and can be downloaded free of charge by all owners of our Dating Software solution!

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