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Dating Script Forum

AbleDating dating script and AbleSpace community script has a Forum Plugin called PunBB incorporated by default. The Forum section of the dating script administration control panel lets you access the PunBB Forum Administration panel. This panel lets dating script administrators and moderators control all the aspects and settings of the integrated dating forum.

The main screen of the PunBB Forum Administration panel contains a menu bar on the left with all the options needed to fully control your dating script community forum.


The index section of the PunBB Dating Script Forum Administration panel contains a short insight into the features of the admin panel itself. The only option available is the:

Admin Access To Forum - This option lets you view your dating site forum separated from your dating script under the Admin rights.


The Categories section of the dating script forum administration lets you painlessly add new categories to your dating site forum, modify and delete them. Categories are not Forums (see next section). Categories include dating site Forums. For example, you may want to have a “Pets” category which includes “Dogs”, “Cats” and “Parrots” Forums. The Forums are the sections where your dating script members will actually be able to post and comment on posts.

Add New Category - This area lets dating script powered website administrators add new categories to their AbleDating and AbleSpace integrated forum. Simply type in a name into the text-box and click the Add New button. The Category will be added instantly to the list of Categories below.

Delete A Category - This is the complete opposite of adding a dating script forum Category. The area includes a dating script generated drop-down list box of all the present and currently active dating script forum Categories. Select a Category and press the Delete button. Dating site administrators will be prompted to confirm the irreversible removal of a Category.

Edit Categories - This section of the dating script forum administration panel is used to quickly modify the Categories implemented in the dating site. Categories can be renamed and reordered. The names of the categories can be changed in their relevant text-boxes under the Name column. The Position column lets dating script administrators supply a referring order number from 1 (being the first and top-most in the list) to 99 (being the last and bottom-most in the list). Names and Positions can be assigned simultaneously to any or every dating site forum Category available. Click the Update button to save all changes after modifying the dating script Categories.


The following section of the PunBB dating script forum lets dating site administrators add, delete and edit Forums in each existing Category.

Create A New Forum - This area is used to add a new forum to an existing Category (see above) to your dating script generated website. Simply select a dating script forum Category from the drop-down list of existing Categories and click the Add button. You will be taken to a new section screen, where the new dating script Forum details are to be submitted:

Forum Name - Type in the name of the new dating site Forum, which will be added to the priorly specified Category.
Description - Type in the description of the new dating script generated Forum. This description will appear underneath the Forum name in the list of all Forums on your dating website. HTML code is supported, which means that you are at the liberty of typing in links, use font style codes, etc.
Category - Verify that the dating script forum Category is the correctly chosen one for the addition of the new Forum.
Sort Topics By - Last Post or Topic Start can be chosen. This setting defines the way the topics are ordered inside the new dating site Forum. If the topics are ordered according to Last Post - the topic with the latest (by date and time) reply will be the top-most displayed. If the setting is set to Topic Start the topics will be arranged according to the date and time of the first post inside the topic (topic start date and time) disregarding all later posts inside it.
Redirect URL - Dating script administrators may want to redirect the user to another website when the new dating site Forum is clicked by visitors. There may be dozens of reasons for this; one of them being the need to share similar forums with partner websites or other dating script generated websites. If this field is left empty no redirection will occur, i.e. the link to the new Forum will lead to the new Forum inside the current dating site.

Editing Group Permissions For A New Forum - Each new dating script Forum inside a Category can have its own user group permissions. Dating site Forum User Groups can be setup inside the User Groups section of the forum admin panel. You, as the dating site owner and administrator of the dating script have full permission to do everything, regardless of the User Groups settings. The permission grid consists of the User Groups positioned vertically (on the y-axis) and Permission Type positioned horizontally (on the x-axis). The check boxes correspond to the flagging of the specific User Group on the y-axis and the corresponding Permission Type on the x-axis. The dating script forum User Group permission types are explained here:

Read Forum - The permission to look inside the forum and read all the posts. Some forums may be locked for public view, for example a typical “Administration Issues” Forum may be set to be accessed by the dating script Administrators and Moderators only.
Post Replies - The permission to reply to different topics in the current new Forum. Replying may be blocked for certain groups of users like “Spammers”, “Flooders” and “Bots”, which helps administrators maintain their dating script powered community website clean.
Post Topics - The permission to create (post) new topics inside the new dating script Forum. This is great for Forums such as “News”, where dating script administrators would want to post some upcoming events or past news, but have no intention of letting other User Groups create posts.

Revert to Default - By clicking this button all the permission settings for the new dating script Forum are reset to their default permissions for each User Group. The default permissions can be set in the User Groups menu section.

Save Changes - Saves the overall settings for the new community site Forum and creates it, adding it to the list of Forums.

Edit Forums - The area is used to seamlessly modify the existing configuration of your dating script Forums. Newly created Forums will always be displayed under their Category with order number ‘0’. The whole section is sub-divided into dating script forum Categories, and each of these Categories has its relevant Forums. This makes it easy to locate and modify any of the dating software generated Forum. Each row in every Category division has 3 settings:

Edit - Clicking this link takes you to the dating script Forum Editor, which is identical to the one the administrator gets when he/she creates a Forum. All the settings are explained in the Create A New Forum section (see above).
Delete - This link is used to completely remove a Forum. Dating script Administrators and Moderators will be prompted before a Forum is deleted.
Position - The position field is used to give an order number to each of the Forums in a Category. Each Category is independent, i.e. Category A will have Forum A and B with position numbers set as ‘1’ and ‘2’, Category B will have Forum C and D with position numbers set as ‘1’ and ‘2’. If you need to re-order your dating script forum Categories visit the Category section by clicking the link in the menu.
Position - The position field is used to give an order number to each of the Forums in a Category. Each Category is independent, i.e. Category A will have Forum A and B with position numbers set as ‘1’ and ‘2’, Category B will have Forum C and D with position numbers set as ‘1’ and ‘2’. If you need to re-order your dating script forum Categories visit the Category section by clicking the link in the menu.

Update Positions - This button clicked saves all the changes to the order of the Forums inside each dating script forum Category. The Update Positions button can be pressed after all the Forums have been assigned an order/position number, i.e. there is no need to press it every time an order number is assigned to a dating script Forum.

User Groups

This is a very important section of your dating script integrated forum. The User Groups section lets you, the administrator of you AbleDating dating website, control what your dating site members can do and cannot do. For example, you might want your dating script members fully enjoy the dating forum by letting them read posts, start threads/topics, and reply to posts, while non-members would only be able to read posts, making them want to join your dating script website. There are 4 default dating script forum User Groups which cannot be deleted, and are automatically assigned to members depending on their status.

Adding a New Group - When adding a New Group dating site administrators must choose on which existing User Group it is to be based on. Initially only the ‘Members’ dating site forum user group is available, and the first New Group will use the same default permission settings the ‘Members’ dating script Group has. Choose a ‘based on’ Group from the drop-down menu and proceed to clicking the Add button. The page you will be presented with lots of settings, and it is up to this dating script documentation to explain each and every setting to let you effectively control and administrate your dating website’s forum. New Group Settings:

Group Title - This field denotes the name of the Group that dating site administrators are about to create. Group name examples include ‘Flooders’, ‘Spammers’, ‘Banned Users’, etc.
User Title - Basically, the user title is displayed under each username on your dating site forum. The User Title can differ from the Group Title, but most of the time these are similar, in order to prevent mixing them up. If the Group Title is ‘Banned Users’ (denoting the Group) creative administrators may go to the extent of having the User Title display ‘I lack behavior!’, which will result in that text displaying as the User Title for dating script members, right under their nicknames on the Forum, who are in the ‘Banned Users’ User Group. If left blank, dating script members will have their default forum ranks and ranking rules.

The next settings let dating script administrators set the Permissions for the group:
Read Board - If marked ‘YES’, members pertaining to this Group will be able to read the topics in your dating script generated Forums.
Post Reply - This permission lets members of this Group reply to the topics in each Forum. Setting this option to ‘NO’ will result in dating script users inside this Group not being able to post, which is great if some members are well known flooders or spammers; this will limit the damage they can cause.
Post Topics - This settings denotes the permission of a dating script member relevant to (in) this New Group to create new topics inside the dating script generated forums. There might be several reasons for not wanting certain types of members to create new topics.
Edit Posts - The ‘edit posts’ permission controls the dating website members ability to edit/modify their own posts in their accessible forums. In some kind of debate it would be better to leave the Edit Posts permission setting ‘Off’, in order to prevent dating site members from taking their words back.
Delete Posts - If this dating script forum permission is set to ‘YES’ members pertaining to this New Group will be able to remove their own posts from anywhere in the dating site forums. This might also be used to stop users from ‘taking their words back’, as in the example above.
Delete Topics - Similar to the permission setting above, the ‘Delete Topics’ (if set to ‘Yes’) will allow dating site members to delete whole topics (threads) created by them. If this is allowed, users will be able to remove their topics along with any replies they had received there.
Set User Title - If set to ‘Yes’ this permission level will allow dating script members to change their User Title (which is displayed underneath their Member Names in the Forum. This will also allow overriding the default User Title set by the New Group the members are in.
Use Search - Set to ‘Yes’ allows Users pertaining to this New Group the use of the search function on the dating script generated forum. You might want to disable this feature for Demo Group members, who have registered on your dating site but have not yet paid to attain a Membership, creating just another reason for them to join and enjoy a full-featured dating script site.
Search User List - This is the permission setting for the control of the ability to access the full list of Forum dating site members and search through it. It may be wise to leave the option off for Guests and non-paying Members as to keep some minor user information discreet.
Edit Subjects Interval - This is the interval in seconds used to block the dating script members’ ability to modify their Topic Titles after they have been created. If set to ‘0’ if you want to allow members pertaining to this New Group to modify their topic titles any time later.
Post Flood Interval - Again, measured in seconds, sets the limit of posts users can post in this certain period of time. If set to 60 (by default) users of this New Group will have to wait 1 minute before the dating script system allows them to post again. This prevents flooding. If this value is set to ‘0’ – dating site members of this New Group will be able to post practically an unlimited number of post in a given period of time.
Search Flood Interval - This limits the number of searches to one for each dating script forum user in this New Group in a certain period of time (interval) set in seconds.

Set Default Group - This area lets dating script administrators set the default group that newly registered users are attached to. Simply choose an available group from the drop-down box on the right and press the Save button. This will make any new users who register automatically join this default group. The default group is set to Members which is a User Group that can never be deleted, as it’s one of the four default User Groups of the dating script forum.

Edit/Remove Groups - This section allows dating script powered website owners and administrators get a bird eye view of the existing User Groups. There are four default User Groups which can never be deleted:

Administrators - The ‘gods’ of the forum, who can control everything and do anything from banning a user to deleting all the forums inside the dating script message board.
Moderators - Are the helpers of the Administrators, they are limited only by their permissions set by the dating site Administrators. Moderators can only perform operations on forums: delete and edit topics and dating script posts. They have no permission to delete users, dating script forums, etc.
Guests - These are the unregistered visitors of your dating script message board and forums. Guests usually have no permission to reply to posts, create topics and sometimes even read topics in the dating script forums.
Members - As soon as a Guest registers he becomes a member of the ‘Members’ user group, unless the ‘Default User Group’ setting (see above) is set to perform otherwise.

Edit - By clicking this button, dating script administrators have the ability to change the default permissions and names for each User Group. The Edit screen is the same as when ‘Creating a New Group’ (see above) dating script screen. The Administrators User Group cannot be modified for security reasons.

Remove - Administrator-created User Groups can be deleted. The four default dating script User Groups mentioned above cannot be deleted for security reasons.


Another vitally important section every dating Administrator should visit is the Options section. This lets you, the owner of the dating script, setup the core of your dating script forum – the way your community or dating site will handle and let the forum function. All the settings are sub-divided into several sub-sections. We will document each option starting from the first one.

Board Title - This field denotes the name, or the title, of the dating script forum. Usually this is set to the name of AbleDating or AbleSpace powered website title. This is no rule though. You are free to set it to something like ‘MySiteTitle Chillout’.
Board Description - You can provide a short description of what you dating script forum is all about. For example: ‘The place you’d want to visit to relax…’.
Server Timezone - This drop-down box lets dating script administrators set the default timezone their dating script hosting server is in. This is vital for the correct display of times and dates for every visitor regardless of their location.
Default Language - This drop-down menu lets dating site administrators choose the default language their dating script forum will be displayed in. This setting can be overridden by dating site members’ individual profile settings.
Default Style - This setting lets you choose the default look and feel, i.e. style, of your dating script message board/forum. Again, this setting can and will be overridden by the dating site users.

Time Format - The time format can be set here along with the delimiters. The most common variables used are: a – which will be replaced by am or pm in the lowercase,
A – will be replaced by AM or PM in the uppercase,
g – denotes the hour from 1 to 12,
G – denotes the hour from 0 to 24 in the 24-hour format,
h – denotes the hour from 01 to 12 (with the extra leading zero),
H – is replaced by the hour from 00 to 24 in the 24-hour format (with the extra leading zero),
i – is replaced by the dating script, and will denote the current minute (from 00 to 59),
s – will display the seconds from 00 to 59,
u – will display the milli-seconds.

For example, entering ‘h:i:s A’ without the parenthesis will result in the display of 04:55:23 AM

Date Format - The date format can be set here along with the delimiters (dashes, slashes, dots or anything else). The most common variables for the dating script date format used are: d – is a representation of the day number – from 1 to 31,
D – will be replaced by a short representation of the day of the week – i.e. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun,
j – is similar to the ‘d’ variable, except that a leading zero (0) is added to single digit numbers, i.e. 01, 02, 03 instead of just 1, 2, 3,
l – as the above variable, but instead, a full representation of the day of the dating script week is displayed, i.e. Monday, Tuesday and so on,
N – will display a number from 1 to 7 based on the day of the week, i.e. 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, and so on,
S – is replaced by ‘st’, ‘nd’, ‘rd’ and ‘th’ as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on,
w – is replaced by the dating script and the week number will be displayed instead,
z – will be replaced by the day of the year, represented by the relevant day number from 1 to 365,
F – is replaced and displayed as January, February, etc.,
m – gives the numerical representation of the specific month – 01 to 12,
M – is similar to the F, but the months are chopped by the dating script, resulting in the n – The ordinal number of the given month – 01 for January, 02 for February, etc.,
Y – A numeric representation of the specific year – from 1900 to 2099,
y – will be replaced by a chopped version of the ‘Y’ modifier, resulting in years 99, and 03 for example.

For example, entering ‘l j.m.Y’ without the parenthesis will result in the display of Friday 18.01.2008

Visit Timeout - The period of time for the member information and data to update, expressed in seconds. For example, if, by default, a dating script member is idle for 10 minutes (600 seconds) his/her “Last Visit” data will update, messages are also affected by this dating script setting.
Online Timeout - In seconds, denotes the time before a user is considered to be logged out of the dating script generated forum. This means that if a member is idle (does not navigate through the forum and its resources) for the given period of time (5 minutes [300 seconds] by default]) he/she will have to login into the dating script system once again.
Redirect Time - Expressed in seconds. Denotes the time a dating script member will be kept on stand-by before following an automatic redirect command. This is useful to prevent the dating script system from overloading due to frequent database queries and data modifications. If set to ‘0’, which is not recommended, members will not be displayed a “Redirecting… Please wait” page.

User Post Count - If set to ‘YES’ a counter will be added to a dating site member’s profile data and userlist information. This counter displays the number of posts the given member has made so far. There is a tendency for members to try and be the best dating script member by posting as much as he/she can, resulting in flooding the forum. Thus, switching this setting off will remove the need for that.
Smilies - Smilies are small graphical representations of different dating script emotions – smiles, cries, laughter, pondering, etc. If this setting is enabled, the AbleDating dating script forum module will replace typing representations of emotions - :) :( ;) 8) and many others – turning them into dating script forum icons, the so-called smilies.
Smilies in Signatures - If this option is set to ‘ON’, dating script keystroke representations of emotions (see ‘Smilies’ above) in dating member signatures (messages at the bottom of every post they create) will be transformed by graphical representations, i.e. icons.
Make Clickable Links - URL text links will be automatically changed into clickable links which will successfully redirect dating script members to other websites. Turning this option off will result in static text, which cannot be clicked. Switching this option off will minimize the risk of your dating scriptforum getting spammed.
Topic Review - This setting lets AbleDating and AbleSpace software script administrators set the number of previous posts to display when a dating script member is in the process of replying in a topic. This is useful for members to quickly scroll down and review the given number of latest posts in the thread without having to go back. Setting the value to ‘0’ will disable this useful dating script forum feature.
Topics per Page Default - This value lets dating script owners personalize and set the number of topics that are displayed in each forum. The lower the value the fewer topics are displayed per page, resulting in lesser download times, but more pages to go though. Each member has the right to change this value for his profile from his User Settings menu or dating script forum Control Panel.
Posts per Page Default - Similar to the ‘Topics per Page’ setting (described above) this value configures the default number (which can be overridden by each dating script member personally) of posts displayed inside each forum topic. Lower numbers improve download times for each page.
Indent Size - This value denotes the number of spaces used for quotations and code inserts. ([quote][/quote] and [code][/code]).

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